Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops
Laojia (the old frame)
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* Weekly classes on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

* Private Lessons available.

* Workshops.

* Free practise sessions in the park, most days.


For further information email Yuri: yuri13oct@yahoo.co.uk





 Weekly classes on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.
*Taiji & Chi Gung for Health and Wellbeing*
Wednesdays - Taiji (Tai Chi) at the Sweet Track Centre, Glastonbury
Sundays - Chi Gung at the Sweet Track Centre, Glastonbury
(the Sweet Track Centre is on Glastonbury High Street)
7.00pm - 8.00pm.
Cost: drop in fee is £7 per class or block bookings of four classes for £24.
*These weekly classes focus upon exercising for health and wellbeing; working with the breath; developing a Taiji-body with gentle movements and stretching; and managing stress levels by finding harmony and balance between mind and body. These classes are suitable for beginners. Emphasis will be upon Chi Gung for recharging the batteries and calming the nerves; Silk Reeling exercises for developing a Taiji-body; and the gradual introduction to the traditional Chen style 'Old Frame' choreography.




Private Lessons

Private lessons can be booked for studying the many different topics of Chen style Taijiquan - hand forms, weapon forms, pushing hands, and so on.


Cost: £20 per hour, one to one, or £25 for two people, or £30 for three.


Half day (3 hours), Full day (5 hours) and Weekend (10 hours) workshops are on offer.
Topics available are Chi Gung, Hand form, Straight Sword, Broadsword, Spear, Fan, Gwan Dao, or basic Pushing Hands.
Cost is £30 per hour plus travel costs and accommodation.

In Glastonbury's Abbey Park every morning - unless it is raining.
Casual gathering between 10.00 am and 11.00 am - turn up when you like. 
These are not tuition sessions but you are welcome to come along and follow as best as you can - some casual advice and guidance will be given afterwards. Mainly this is a perfect time to make friends with others and to share insights and practise together encouraging each other.