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What is Taijiquan?

The Fan form is a great form for beginners because the movements are gentle and quite easy to learn.

This Fan form (not traditionally a Chen style weapon) was created by Master Eva Koskuba of the Chinese Internal Arts Association (CIAA) and Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang (Standard Bearer of Chen style Taijiquan) gave it his blessing.

This first clip gives an explanation of how to hold the fan.

The following clip is a demonstration of the form and beneath it is a list of the movements.

1 - Opening
2 - Embrace the moon
3 - Black Dragon flicks its tail
4 - Protect the knees
5 - Black Dragon flicks its tail
6 - Waving the Banner three times
7 - Peacock shows off its tail feathers
8 - Big Peng spreads its wings
9 - Three circles around the sun
10 - The immortal points the way
11 - Splitting the mountain
12 - Spread wings
13 - The immortal points the way
14 - Blue Dragon comes out of the water
15 - White Crane spreads its wings
16 - Golden Cockrell stands on one leg
17 - Yellow Eagle swooping down
18 - Ancient Tree entwines its roots
19 - Shut the fan
20 - Closing