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About Yuri
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Yuri began training in traditional Chen style Taijiquan in September 2000; under Master Ben Milton, founder of the Bristol School of Tai Chi Chuan.

After moving to Glastonbury in 2001 Yuri began training with Malcolm Droy of Southwest Tai Chi in 2002 - whilst remaining a distant student of the Bristol School of Tai Chi Chuan.

In 2007, under Malcolm Droy's guidance Yuri began teaching in Glastonbury.

Since then Yuri has taught Chen style Taijiquan on a regular basis in Glastonbury (and Cheddar since 2009).

Yuri still trains, weekly, with Malcolm Droy and occasionally, when time allows, with Master Ben Milton in Bristol.

Yuri practices most of the Chen forms:
Laojia - 'Old Frame'
'Cannon Fist'
Xinjia - 'New Frame'
Straight Sword
Broad Sword
Gwan Dao
Double Broad Sword

Over the years Yuri has had the good fortune of attending many workshops given by top level Chen style Taijiquan practicioners including,
Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang
Grandmaster Zhu Tian Cai
Master Chen Yingjun

Yuri is also a member of a monthly Pushing Hands club hosted in Baltonsborough by Wu style teacher, Jae Willis; and Yuri also studies Pushing Hands with Chen style teacher, Brendan Burnett of the Man Lian Tai Chi Club International; based at North Petherton near Bridgwater.