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This beautiful erotic art book will be a large, full colour, hardback. 


To accompany the Wild Would artwork I am looking for poetry and short stories. Poems up to 500 words and stories up to 1500 words.
The Wild Would Book is a work of erotic art and as such it is for adults only. The theme of the book is like an adults only version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Beauty, Love, loosing one’s self in enchantment, sex and passion, the liberating power of orgasm, sensuality, woodland spirits, sunlight and moonlight upon naked skin, flowers, ivy and the faerie.

As this book is for adults only the written material may be very explicit but it doesn’t have to be ~ but you are allowed to be. What really matters is that each piece that is included in the book is affectionate, loving, liberating, inspiring and written from the heart. This book is to have an inspiring feel good factor ~ BDSM, angst, power games and victim fantasies will not be suitable.

The Wild Would artwork presents the sexual and romantic ideal of the Golden Realm; the original garden of pleasure ~ Nature blooming, sap rising, orgasms expanding, life-force itself.

The Wild Would is very liberal; writings may be straight, gay, lesbian or multiple players. 


Writers cannot be paid but each writer will be fully acknowledged within the book and will receive a free, signed copy, as a thank you. You may also advertise your own website.

You may submit as many written pieces as you like. Email them to

Closing date for submissions is Samhain, 1st November 2012.
I will use the writings that I think are suitable and I am fully aware that my judgement will be subjective. Please don’t be upset or offended if I choose not to use your writings; my choices will be based upon what feels right and how things fit with my artwork.